Mission Statement (engl.)

Christians from different churches and denominations, whose faith is solidly grounded in Christ, belong to Evanglium21. Focusing on the great truths rediscovered by the Reformers –

  • grace alone
  • faith alone
  • scripture alone
  • Christ alone
  • and for the glory of God alone.

— we want to make contributions that will revive and strengthen churches. After all, it is the biblical gospel alone that will fill Christians with genuine hope and overwhelming joy in God and will cause them to radiate both of these.

We desire to create a network to bring like-minded people together and to be able to recommend helpful contacts and resources for one another. Our materials and events serve to emphasize the centrality of the gospel, not only for church life, but also for life in general.

Humbly, we strive for the church of Christ to experience anew in the 21st century the meaning of “the gospel came … not only in word, but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction” (1Thess 1:5).


We have also created a flyer that summarizes the mission and structure of Evangelium21. You can download the English version of this flyer here as a PDF (also available in German).