The Gospel Coaltion: E21 und T4G feiern gemeinsam das 500-jährige Reformationsjubiläum

The Gospel Coaltion (TGC) hat einen Beitrag über die Evangelium21 Konferenz 2017 in Hamburg veröffentlicht. Darin heißt es:

The good news must be boldly proclaimed again in Germany. On this weighty note, Christian Wegert, pastor of Arche Gemeinde in Hamburg, got the conference underway. Just like 500 years ago, the clear proclamation of the gospel of Jesus faces tremendous challenges today. While back then the rituals, ceremonies, and dogmas of the Catholic church interfered with the central truths of the gospel, today the main pressures (among many others) stem from humanist thinking and excessive rationalism. Evangelical churches today are not immune to these dangers. “Biblically faithful Christians are constantly tempted to be ashamed of the gospel and conform their witness to satisfy the impulses of our age,” Wegert asserted. Believers must stand firm on declaring faith in Christ as the only way to experience God’s saving and transforming grace. Without this grace no one can stand before God: “We need a bold and unshrinking return to the substance of the gospel—and through this to Christ himself.”